Hear from students, faculty, and industry members about their experience participating in the inaugural Study Away program in Silicon Valley in May 2018.

CES 2021 interview with Kate Sonka, the Executive Director of Teach Access and Assistant Director of Inclusion and Academic Technology at Michigan State.

A Teach Access roundtable discussion during Sight Tech Global 2020, featuring recent college students discussing how the teaching of accessible design and development at the university level can help close the accessibility skills gap for the emerging generation of participants in the new digital economy.

AXSChat Podcast with Kate M Sonka & Larry Goldberg, hosted by Antonio Vieira Santos, Debra Ruh and Neil Milliken.

The pathway to a career in accessibility is shifting. Previously, most accessibility professionals started as developers or UX engineers and expanded into accessibility based on their employer’s needs. They were self-taught with supplemental learning opportunities at conferences and through workshops. Currently, students and individuals looking to change careers, increasingly see accessibility as an option but colleges do not provide degrees in accessibility. It is not always clear how to get started. This talk will discuss available opportunities for learning about accessibility and getting enough hands-on experience to build a resume.

This panel will be focused on the benefits of including accessibility skills in your hiring processes. Each panelist will provide insight into their experiences with hiring staff with accessibility knowledge and skills in tech, higher education, and the disability community, highlighting how to use the Teach Access Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit to recruit and hire accessibility-skilled staff across a range of roles in your organization.