Student Programs

Learn more about our two student programs that take place during the academic year: Student Academy and Student Ambassadors Program.

Teach Access Student Academy

The Teach Access Student Academy is a FREE program consisting of virtual monthly webinars for students to explore various topics on disability and accessibility. It will be open to any students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university and will be a great opportunity to learn about accessibility and network with a wide variety of people in higher education, industry, and advocacy organizations.

2023-2024 Program Schedule

  • Session 1: Introduction to Disability with Ani Grigorian
  • Session 2: Introduction to Assistive Technology with Jordan Colbert
  • Session 3: Accessibility Principles with Jeff Zundel
  • Session 4: How Technology has Transformed Our Lives: A Story of Two Married Googlers Who Are Blind/Low Vision with Victor Tsaran and Karo Caran
  • Session 5: Accessibility and Neurodiversity with Margaux Joffe
  • Session 6: Accessibility in Events
  • Session 7: Careers in Accessibility

Watch the recorded sessions on the Student Academy YouTube Playlist.

Teach Access Student Academy. Do you know about accessibility? Graphic of a girl speaking to others on Zoom with a graduation cap in the corner. No matter your major, knowledge of accessibility is crucial to ensure you are reaching all audiences. Our free virtual sessions will help you learn about accessibility and disability skills every month. Sponsored by: Verizon, Google, Yahoo, Salesforce, and Meta.

Teach Access Student Ambassadors Program

The Teach Access Student Ambassadors program was also launched in September 2023, with over 80 registered students. In the fall, students met once a month to discuss disability and accessibility topics. Then, in the spring, they collaborated in modified design sprints to create accessibility awareness and advocacy projects. 
Student Ambassadors Program. Become a part of a cohort of engaged student advocates at college campuses across the United States. Apply today. Photo of college students laughing and speaking to one another. Sponsored by: Verizon, Google, Salesforce, and Meta.