Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit

Teach Access provides the Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit to help organizations build internal capacity for producing accessible digital products by developing a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

The toolkit currently provides Position Description Language and Screening and Interview Questions.

Access the Toolkit

How to access the toolkit

The Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit resides on GitHub as an open source resource. You can access the latest content through the GitHub site, submit issues directly through GitHub, or contact us via email with any questions.

How to submit translations

Translations can either be submitted through a pull request through GitHub or sent via email in markdown format.

How to request new job positions be added

New job position requests can be added through the issue tracker in GitHub or through email. If you already have content in mind for the job position, please ensure it matches the current format of job position pages. Job positions are currently structured as follows:

  • Position Description
    • Responsibilities
    • Qualifications
  • Interview Questions
    • Screening
    • Interview Committee

Creative Commons License
Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit by Teach Access is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Interview questions adapted from the Accessibility Interview Questions open source resource.