Teach Access works to build a foundation of accessibility and disability knowledge in the higher education community. Working with faculty, staff, and administration, Teach Access provides accessibility-infused college curricula for students in fields such as design, computer sciences, and human-computer interaction to ensure they enter the workforce and create technologies that are born-accessible.

An illustrated woman takes notes on a computer screen with pop-up bubbles related to laws and accessibility.

Accessibility in the Disciplines Courses

Online asynchronous courses for instructors to learn about disability, accessible design, and teaching accessibility in various disciplines.

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An illustrated person takes notes from their phone; bubbles related to jobs and accessibility pop up around the air.

Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit

A toolkit to help organizations build internal capacity for developing a workforce with accessibility knowledge and skills through position description language and interview questions. 

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An illustrated woman uses an assistive keyboard to navigate a website with an accessibility symbol.

Accessibility Skills Gap Survey

A report based on survey results that indicates the accessibility skills gap that currently exists within the workforce, measures changes since 2018, and highlights new focus areas that can help us all improve.

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An illustrated group of four play a trivia card game; two raise their hands to answer a question.

Accessibility Trivia

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Teach Access has created an accessibility trivia game for you to play at home. 

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A group of illustrated educators discuss notes surrounding a table.

Curriculum Repository

A collection of over 250 open educational resources by faculty to support teaching accessibility to students. The repository now contains 300+ teaching tools spanning disciplines (syllabi, slide decks, assignment prompts, discussion questions, etc.)

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An illustrated person navigates a their code on a computer.

Teach Access Tutorial

A GitHub tutorial that provides basic accessibility training for developers and designers via hands-on exercises.

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An illustrated woman takes notes on her laptop while she wears headphones.

Why Teach Accessibility? Fact Sheet

A two-page fact sheet advocating the importance of teaching accessibility in the classroom.

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An educator and a student in a wheelchair excitedly talk over a desk.

Teaching Accessibility Fundamental Concepts & Skills

A set of fundamental concepts and skills necessary to understand and implement inclusive design and development of technology for people with diverse abilities, including people with disabilities. 

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