Resources Roadmap

An overview of upcoming resources for educators, industry, and students during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Resources Roadmap 2023-2024. Alt Text further down the page.

Resources Roadmap Academic Year 2023-2024

A decorative image titled “Teach Access Resources Roadmap, Academic Year 2023-2024” The map outlines the launch dates and audiences for each resource in chronological order.

Updated: Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit

Refreshed Annually- A toolkit with position descriptions and interview questions centered on accessibility to help organizations build internal capacity. For educators, industry, and students.

Updated: Curriculum Repository

Refreshed Annually- A free collection of open education resources (OER) developed by faculty to support teaching accessibility to students. For educators and industry.

Teach Access Tutorial

Refreshed Annually- A GitHub tutorial that provides basic accessibility training for developers and designers via hands-on exercises. For educators and industry. For educators and industry.

New: Accessibility in the Disciplines Courses

August 2023- Online courses for instructors to learn about disability, accessible design, and teaching accessibility in various disciplines. For educators and industry.

New: Introduction to Disability and Accessible Design Course

August 2023- An online asynchronous course on disability, accessible design, and universal design. For educators and industry.

New: Speak Access

May 2024- A monthly micro-podcast series focused on learning about disability, accessibility, and universal design. For students, educators, and industry.

New: Teach Accessibility Toolbox

April 2024- A curated collection of templates, playbooks, and other items to support the application of accessibility skills to real-world scenarios. For students, educators, and industry.

New: Teach Accessibility Playlists

August 2023-A curated collection of different types of media that support learning about disability and accessibility. For educators, industry, and students