Programming Roadmap

An overview of upcoming programs for educators, industry, and students during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Graphic of Programming Roadmap. Alt text listed on the page.

Programming Roadmap Academic Year 2023-2024

A decorative image with a road-themed background titled “Teach Access Programming Roadmap, Academic Year 2023-2024” The map outlines the launch dates and audiences for each program in chronological order.

New: Student Academy

September 2023- Virtual monthly sessions to introduce students to disability and accessibility. For students.

New: Student Ambassador Program

September 2023- Engaging students to learn about accessibility, ways to advocate on their campus, and further the mission of Teach Access. For students.

New: Teach Access by Design

September 2023- A 10-week facilitated online course about basic concepts of disability, accessibility, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). For educators and industry.

New: Mission: Access

October 2023- Monthly gamified activities designed to introduce learners to accessible design in different scenarios. For educators, industry, and students.

Expanded: Teach Access Fellowship

January 2024- Supports fellows in integrating accessibility into their practice, teaching others, and integrating it into curricula. For educators.

New: Quick Bytes

February 2023- 30-minute workshops where participants can learn how to apply a new accessibility concept or skill to their courses or work, followed by an optional 30-minute meet-up. For educators and industry.

Expanded: Teach Access Grants

Spring 2024- Formerly known as Faculty Grants, program expansion invites all instructors to apply for funding to infuse accessibility into curriculum. For educators.