DEI Statement

Technology For All

Teach Access envisions a future where technology is born accessible and inclusive for all. When we say all, we mean all. We know that to realize our vision, we must have a relentless commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all that we do. This commitment means that we are consistently evaluating and challenging systems, practices, and behaviors that uphold oppression such as ableism, racism, sexism, classism, ageism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, and others. Our approach at Teach Access has always been to form and maintain key partnerships to include, collaborate, and bring visibility to the voices and work of historically under-served communities that are disproportionately impacted by the lack of accessible and inclusive technology. We hold ourselves accountable for showing up to our work in a way that contributes to the collective prosperity for all.

Our Partners

In light of our commitment to technology for all, we have established intentional partnerships with the following groups. This work is ongoing and we intend to continue to expand the list with additional meaningful and values-aligned partnerships. 

  • National Disability Advocacy Nonprofit Organizations
  • Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs)
  • Community Colleges

Our Practices

Transparency – We hold ourselves accountable for promoting transparency in all our work and decision-making. 

Curiosity – We lead with an openness to understanding through active listening, empathy, and exploration. 

Humility – We remain humble, acknowledging that this work is dynamic and requires us to remove ego, check assumptions, be honest about where we get it wrong, and take action to make things right. 

Community – Partnership means everything to us and is the basis for how we get work done. We thrive when we collaborate by listening to those with lived experience and being mindful of power dynamics.

Impact – We intentionally take actions that positively influence our goals while being mindful of the potential consequences and working to eliminate inequitable outcomes.


A future where technology is born accessible and inclusive for all.