Teach Access Curriculum Repository

What is the Teach Access Curriculum Repository?


The Teach Access Curriculum Repository (TACR) is a free collection of open education resources (OER) developed by faculty to support teaching accessibility to students. TACR contains a variety of teaching tools, including syllabi, slide decks, assignment prompts, discussion questions, and quizzes spanning disciplines that include Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Web Design & Development, User Experience (UX) Design, Visual & Graphic Design, Game & Interactive Media Design, Instructional Technology, Technical Writing, and more.

The Teach Access Curriculum Repository is housed in Canvas, a widely used learning management system in higher education, and its features make it ideal to use for content management.

Instructions to Enroll in the Teach Access Curriculum Repository (TACR)


Go to the Teach Access Course Registration page in Canvas Course Market and select the self-paced FREE button on the course card to start the enrollment process.

Home screen to access the Curriculum Repository. Image of two people at the top with the description of the course below.


Select ‘Enroll Now’ to add the course* to your cart.

Second screen in the sign up process. Two people on the left with the title of the course and the "Enroll now" button to the right


You will be prompted to create an account or log in if you have used Course Market in the past. Please complete all fields.

Create an account screen. Blue button prompting people to sign up if they have an account followed by fields to fill in information if they are a new user


Upon completion, there will be a window with your course link. You can access the course via the link on your screen. You should receive a confirmation email from Canvas Catalog. The link in your email will also give you access to the course.

Ready to begin scree. Successfully signed up message with two buttons to go to courses or return to the catalog

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