Case for Support

The full 2024 Case for Support is available as a downloadable PDF.

Teach Access Case for Support. The Challenge: Accessibility is a critical component of any digital product or service; it is the key to unlocking the full potential of technology and ensuring that everyone has equal access to the digital world. The lack of digital accessibility excludes people with disabilities from equal access and participation in many daily activities, such as searching for information, accessing documents, and making purchases or payments. Teach Access released the Accessibility Skills Gap Survey White Paper in June 2023 and some key insights include: 75% of respondents said they saw a moderate to significant increase in demand for employees with accessibility skills at their organization in the last 5 years. 86% said they anticipate the demand for accessibility skills to increase. 2% said it’s easy for their organization to find candidates with accessibility skills. Our Mission: Bringing together industry, education, and disability advocacy organizations, Teach Access addresses the digital accessibility skills gap by equipping learners to build an inclusive world.