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Teach Access is a non-profit that collaborates with academic institutions, industry, and disability advocacy organizations to make the fundamentals of digital accessibility, including design principles and best practices, a part of undergraduate education.

map of the united states with TA member states filled in

Member Map

Teach Access has members all across the United States (and more)!

The most populous location is California with 10 members headquartered there, followed by New York and Virginia with 4 members each.

pie chart with 4 slices - largest to smallest: graduate public, graduate private, 4 year public, 4 year private

Academic Institution Types

Our members in academia come in many different shapes and sizes, but they’re all passionate about reaching students to teach them crucial accessibility skills and knowledge!


Chart Key

Graduate Public – public institution with graduate offerings

Graduate Private – private institution with graduate offerings

4 Year Public – public institution offering up to a bachelor’s degree

4 Year Private – private institution offering up to a bachelor’s degree

Disability Advocacy Organizations