Teach Access Project Teams

One of the significant benefits of supporting Teach Access is the opportunity to impact the future of digital accessibility. Teach Access supporters are invited to participate in one or more Project Teams and to join their colleagues across industry, academia, and advocacy as we work towards making accessibility mainstream.

Teach Access Project Teams

If you’ve been involved with Teach Access at any point, you are likely accustomed to finding information about our Task Forces here, but we are excited to provide an outline to our newly launched Project Teams.

Now volunteers can choose which projects to spend their time on while using their expertise to further the mission of Teach Access. To join a team, please complete the Teach Access Project Team Interest Form to indicate where you want to help out. The Teach Access staff lead for each Project Team will reach out with more information.

General Transparency and Timeline

To help with increased transparency, we’re working on a volunteer portal that we hope to launch late 2023. This will be a space where you can see what opportunities exist and a place to track your time and contributions.

If you have any questions, please email info@teachaccess.org, and we would be happy to connect.