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Your support is critical to help us reach 1 million students by 2030!

Companies worldwide are dedicating more and more resources to reaching every potential user, enabling usable, delightful, and accessible experiences. Technologies are changing rapidly, and companies need employees with cutting-edge skill sets, primarily focused on accessible design and development for people with disabilities. In addition, all of an organization’s stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and communities – include people with disabilities who can and should be served by accessible products and services.

Teach Access is dedicated to filling that employee skills gap and has successfully launched initiatives that have already shown tangible progress. We intend to scale our efforts and have set forth a set of ambitious goals that will help higher educational institutions send more workforce-ready graduates into rewarding jobs. To support our shared mission of creating a world of “born accessible” technologies, we need your financial help.

Teach Access membership is free to nonprofit higher education institutions and organizations as well as disability and related advocacy groups.

How members help:

Participation and collaboration is key to our success. Here’s how all members strengthen Teach Access:

  • Attend our member meetings and stay current on efforts to reach 1 million students by 2030.
  • Introduce Teach Access to the various key departments within your organization or academic institution.  
  • Work to include “Knowledge of Accessibility preferred (or required)” in your organization’s job description templates.
  • Actively participate on a Project Team to support the work we do. A variety of skill sets are welcome, and the time commitments vary.  Learn more about our various Project Teams

View our Case for Support and the 2022 Year in Review

Our Efforts

With your support, we can continue to close the skills gap! We will: 

  • Provide more curriculum development grants to faculty who are ready to incorporate accessibility into their existing courses. Since 2018 Teach Access has given more than $240,000 in grants and reached more than 2,700 students!
  • Continue to expand our free collection of open education resources (OER) in the Teach Access Curriculum Repository. 
  • Grow the Teach Access Study Away program and Student Career Development Series, engaging students each academic year with our partners by introducing them to accessible design and development. 
  • Create a continuous pipeline of skilled interns and employees for your organization, to help your team build products and services that are born accessible. 
  • Expand our open-source Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit for HR departments and hiring managers to help you improve your internal processes. We’re currently working on a partnership with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to add Teach Access information on their website.

Corporations of all sizes and across all industries are looking to Teach Access for support. You can view a list of our supporters here and help us continue to grow.

Help us reach 1 million students by 2030 and ensure future designers, developers, and programmers have the needed skills to allow everyone equal access to technologies.


Sponsorship Levels

General/Bronze Sponsor

$10,000 for companies with 100+ employees and $5,000 for companies with under 100 employees. As a Bronze sponsor, you receive:

  • Teach Access Membership
  • Access to Digital Accessibility experts in academia and the tech industry to help support your organizational needs
  • Access to Industry Guest Speakers for your academic programs
  • Access to “train-the-trainer” instruction for faculty with the latest trends, techniques, and best practices used by industry-leading technology companies
  • Access to complimentary curated faculty and student training materials designed by, for, and with leading faculty and industry experts in Digital Accessibility
  • Invitation to join Teach Access project teams to advance the organizational mission
  • Opportunities to present on behalf of Teach Access at international conferences, seminars, workshops, and as a collegiate guest lecturer
  • Invitation to Teach Acces annual member event
  • Receipt of quarterly donor newsletter with partner highlights and success stories

Silver Sponsor- $25,000

  • All General/Bronze Sponsor benefits, plus:
  • Logo included as Annual Sponsor for choice of one of our student and faculty focused programs;  see our programs page for details.  (excludes Faculty Fellowship for 2023)

Gold Sponsor- $50,000

  • All General/Bronze Sponsor benefits, plus:
  • Logo included as Annual Sponsor for all marketing materials, t-shirts, and swag for two of our student focused or faculty focused programs; see our programs page for details.  (excludes Faculty Fellowship for 2023)

Diamond- $75,000

  • All General/Bronze, & Silver benefits plus,
  • Logo included as Annual Sponsor for all marketing materials, t-shirts, and swag for three of our student focused or faculty focused programs;  see our programs page for details.  (excludes Faculty Fellowship for 2023)

  • Access to Teach Access Speakers Alliance for corporate keynotes and special events
  • Special spotlight on Teach Access social media and in one quarterly newsletter annually

Platinum- $100,000

  • All General/Bronze, Silver, and Gold benefits plus, 
  • Listed Annual Sponsor and logo placement for all marketing materials and swag for all student and faculty-focused programs; see our programs page for details. (excludes Faculty Fellowship for 2023)

  • Special spotlight about your company on Teach Access social media and in two quarterly newsletters 
  • Feature on Teach Access website with logo and 250-word blurb

PS- If your organization offers a matching gift program or makes contributions based on volunteer hours for your employees, please let us know how we can get involved.

For more information, Mindy Kolin, Director of Development & Industry Partnerships can be reached at

Teach Access is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the United States, EIN # 86-1697668. Contributions are tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for applicable rules and regulations governing tax deductions.