Teach Access Welcomes Intern Julius Patto!

By January 22, 2024 No Comments

We’re thrilled to introduce Julius Patto as our new Teach Access intern! Teach Access has partnered with Michigan State University (MSU) to co-sponsor an intern from their Experience Architecture (XA) undergraduate program.

Julius Patto has medium-length dark brown hair, and a short beard. He is smiling at the camera wearing a wheat button-up. There is a grey background behind him.

Julius is a third-year student at Michigan State University, studying User Experience Architecture and Professional & Public Writing. His studies focus on topics of user experience, graphic design, rhetorical strategies, and content writing.

In the past, Julius has worked with MSU’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences as a Digital Accessibility Intern, remediating the college’s course content to fit accessibility standards and provide all students with accessible learning content. He joined us at the beginning of the month and is passionate about highlighting and promoting accessibility in design and learning for all people.