Curriculum Development Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Please email facultygrants(at) if your question is not addressed below.

One of my colleagues has already received an award; is it conceivable that you might make a second award to someone at the same institution? (Of course, for a different project, targeting a different segment of the curriculum.)

There are no restrictions on the number of awards per institution, so please do submit your application. We look forward to reading it!

Are the awards primarily intended for undergraduate classes or can they also be used towards classes for graduate students?

We are open to considering submissions related to graduate student courses, but will let our selection committee have the final say in that once all submissions are in. Preference will be given to undergraduate faculty.

Is the expectation that the award money will pay faculty salary during the summer (while we are developing the course) or will it cover equipment as well?

The money can be spent on any appropriate expense, including salaries, grad students, equipment, as long as the deliverable requirements are met.

My course teaches students how to design and develop online instruction. I want to increase my students’ understanding of how to create accessible learning content. Is this course eligible for a curriculum development award?

Anybody is welcome to apply for the awards, but it sounds like your program is focused more on teaching students how to create accessible course content rather than educating them on how to implement the principles of accessibility. See this section below from our call for proposals:
  • These awards are focused on enhancing the content of courses to address accessibility knowledge, not on the format or delivery of the content. While making learning materials more accessible is a goal of many other notable initiatives, Teach Access is not focused on making courseware more accessible to students with disabilities. See this link for a selection of resources for how to make education more technologically accessible.
Additionally, at least for this first year of funding, we are trying to strictly focus on faculty in computer science, design, user experience research, human-computer interaction, or related fields that offer courses related to technology design/development.

What department do I need to be part of in order to apply for a Teach Access Curriculum Development Award? Are these awards only available to Computer Science professors?

As long as you are a full-time, part-time, or adjunct faculty or instructional staff member at a community college or four-year university in the US who teaches a course in technology design/development, you are eligible to apply for these awards.

We note in the Awards Overview that these grants are meant for faculty in “computer science, design, user experience research, human-computer interaction, and related fields” which is purposely a bit vague as different schools refer to these fields by different names. For example, many schools’ computer science programs fall under their mathematics department.