Teach Access

Technology companies dedicated to accessibility have faced the common challenge of preparing designers, engineers and researchers to think and build inclusively. Similarly, academic programs in design, engineering and HCI are seeking ways to better prepare students to address the needs of diverse populations. Given this shared challenge, industry, academia and advocacy have now come together to create models for teaching and training students of technology to create accessible experiences.

Check out the Teach Access panel at Tech Inclusion SF (October 26, 2106):

The video features Larry Goldberg (Yahoo), Ted Drake (Intuit), Amy Chen (Adobe), Mike Shebanek (Yahoo), Laura Palmaro (Google) and Jeff Wieland (Facebook)

Job Descriptions

The companies that are supporting Teach Access are focused on the continual improvement of the accessibility of their products and services. They have recognized that the success of this effort relies on a technical workforce broadly familiar with and trained on the fundamentals of designing, developing, testing and proliferating accessible technologies, including the common standards and specifications and alternative interfaces used by people with disabilities. These skills should be spread across a variety of engineering, development and design positions, not just those dedicated full-time to accessibility.

Teach Access Tutorial

The Teach Access initiative has launched a set of best practices for the disciplines responsible for making mobile apps and websites accessible. This tutorial will provide basic training for developers and designers interested in building inclusive experiences. If you are new to accessibility, this tutorial's for you. It is freely available on GitHub so that it can be shared widely and further enhanced by the community. Happy learning: Teach Access Tutorial

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